Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Learning Express Educational and Career Database

Do you want to improve your writing, reading, or math skills?  Do you need to prepare for the SAT or ACT, but are not sure how?  Maybe you are planning to transfer and need to prepare for the college admissions essay writing, or need to study for the entrance exam to the military.   As varied as the needs may be, you can find materials to help build your skills with Learning Express, a career and education resource now available to Palomar students, faculty and staff.  It is designed to help students and professionals improve skills that are required at school and in the workplace.  

The Learning Express is easy to navigate, once you know how the content is organized, and has a many types of educational tools available.  The Learning Center uses "Centers" (hence the name) that focus on a specific theme: Adult Learning Center, the Test Prep Center, or the Career Center to name a few. Within these centers are a variety of educational activities; from practice tests and review exercises; to interactive tutorials, ebooks and strategy advice designed by experts.  

To access Learning Express, go to the Palomar College Library Homepage, click the Articles link and select the "Education and Career" tab. An authorization window will pop-up; please select "I agree."  Select the "Click Here" link to connect, and click "Register," so you can create an account.  After you create an account, you have access to Learning Center, and can use the "My Center" tab to track your work and progress!  

For remote access to Learning Express, an e-services id and password are required.  For additional information about this resource, please contact Tamara Weintraub, Collections Management Librarian.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Artstor Images of Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit

Artstor has recently acquired photos of an exhibition about renowned fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier is an artist/fashion designer well-known for breaking traditional gender and cultural boundaries.

The exhibit "The Fashion World of John Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" has been making its way through museums across the globe from Stockholm to London and now here in the U.S.  The artist's work has been subdivided by seven themes that showcase Gaultier’s 40-year career of status quo defiance: Punk Cancan, Muses, The Boudoir, Metropolis, Eurotrash, Skin Deep, and Urban Jungle.

You can now see images of the exhibit using Palomar College Library's Artstor.  Just use the last name "Gaultier" to search for images from the collection.
To access Artstor, go to the Palomar College Library Homepage, click on Articles and select the Arts and Humanities tab.  (Palomar College eservies id and password are required for remote access.)
For more information, contact Tamara Weintraub, Collections Management Librarian.