Sunday, April 19, 2009

Student Needed to Make Video More Details - click here

We are making a video about how students use the Palomar College Library. We want to interview students to discover what we can do to improve the quality of their time spent in the library.

If you are a student and would be interested in being filmed for this video, please contact us at We would especially like to have students who would be willing to make comments in Spanish.

Please see the videos below.

Another perspective.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nature goes online!

The journal Nature is now available online for Palomar College! All registered students, faculty, and staff may retrieve and read articles from this in the library, on campus, or anywhere else in the world. Just go to and begin reading (you will need your Palomar ID and password to login off-campus).

ArtSTOR Collection News

Take a look at what's coming up in the ARTstor image database at Palomar College:
  • ARTstor is collaborating with Sites and PhotosARTstor to share approximately 90,000 images documenting the ancient world, including Classical, Megalithic, Islamic, Crusader, and Gothic archaeology and architecture, as well as Greek and Roman painting, sculpture, mosaics, and decorative arts. Learn more
  • Now available in ARTstor: Mali and Yemen sites and architectureARTstor has collaborated with James Conlon to add more than 850 contemporary photographs to the Digital Library, depicting architecture and cultural sites and objects in Mali and Yemen.

To access ARTstor, go to Online Research Databases and select it from the list. If you are a Palomar College student or staff, you may login off-campus with a Palomar ID and password.