Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NBC Learn: News & Information from the NBC Archives

NBC LearnPalomar students and faculty can now access the entire NBC news archives going back to the beginning of film and television through NBC Learn, a web-based streaming video service. It includes thousands of videos, historic newsreels, primary source documents, and photographs from the news division of this legendary broadcast media company. The service also includes related original instructional resources in a variety of disciplines and subjects.

Palomar students and faculty may access this database by clicking the link above, or from the Library’s Online Research Databases webpage (Palomar College e-services login required off-campus). For more help, please contact Tamara Weintraub, Collection Management/Subscriptions Librarian.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Library Tech Program at Palomar

Exciting news from the Library Support Staff Certification Program:

"Tracey Hill and Julie Wright, new graduates from Palomar College in San Marcos California, received their Library Support Staff Certification through an agreement between the American Library Association (ALA) and Palomar College. LSSC reviewed the Palomar curriculum and determined it matched the ALA/LSSC competencies, thus Palomar graduates are immediately eligible for Certification as soon as they graduate.

LSSC currently has agreements with five LTA programs that recognize their curriculums as matching the ALA/LSSC competencies: The College of DuPage, Waubonsee Community College, and Illinois Central College in Illinois; the Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana; and Palomar College in California. "
For more information about our Library Tech program see: http://www.palomar.edu/library/technology/

Congratulations to Tracey and Julie!