Monday, August 29, 2016

MLA Handbook: 8th Edition Updates

Due to recent updates in the MLA Handbook the Palomar College Library is providing these tips about the new updates and suggestions. EasyBib has a thorough website,, which explains each scenario in much greater detail and can be accessed to view specific examples. We have copies of the new 8th Edition in the Library. The MLA Handbook can be found in the libraries at either the San Marcos or Escondido campus. Click this link to find a copy: .
 According to the new guidelines set forth in the MLA Handbook 8th Edition, the Works Cited entries for all citations should include these components:
1.      Author
2.      Title of Source (books and websites in italics, quotation marks around “periodicals” and “music”)
3.      Title of Container (book, database, website, etc.)
4.      Other Contributors
5.      Version (specific versions of the work or editions)
6.      Number (volume and issue numbers, episode numbers, etc.)
7.      Publisher
8.      Publication Date
9.      Location (page numbers for books and articles, URLs for websites)

Works Cited
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MLA Handbook. 8th ed., Modern Language Association, 2016. 

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